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LCD Graphic Display Modules

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LCD Graphic Display Modules

A Graphic LCD module is a type of liquid crystal display that can represent images, letters, and numbers that are generated through customer or user software. These displays are made up of dot matrixes. Dot matrix displays are identified by two sets of numbers. An example of this is a 128 x 64. This screen contains 128 points along the X, or horizontal axis, and 64 points along the Y or Vertical axis. Each of these points, sometimes referred to as a pixel, can be turned on and off independently of one another. The user uses software to indicate at each point when to turn on and off.

Fluid types for a graphic LCD

The three types of fluid that are available for use in a graphic LCD display are FSTN, STN, and TN. Although TN (twisted nematic display) and STN (super twisted nematic display) are rarely used in graphic LCD display. The main reason is that FSTN (Film Compensated Super Twisted Nematic) offers a wider viewing angle and more patterned contrast. STN or even TN can be substituted for FSTN to save costs, but lower performance rarely justifies cost savings.

Backlight options

Backlight is what placed behind glass to illuminate the screen when ambient conditions make reading difficult. The most common type of backlight is an LED (light-emitting diode). LEDs offer a very long lifespan and do not produce the electrical interference that is common with CCFL and EL backlights. If the screen size is small enough, the LCD screen manufacturer may use a side light instead of a backlight. Side-lit displays offer the advantage of being thinner. Side backlighting does not work well for large glass as it will create hot spots (bright and faint areas) on the screen. CCFL is an excellent backlight for large screens. Provides a more uniform flow of light and is thinner than LEDs. The downside is the availability of CCFL backlighting. They are practically non-existent for monochrome graphic LCD displays.

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