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Anderson Connectors



Anderson Connectors

Anderson® connectors are hermaphroditic connectors that are generally used to handle high currents in batteries and similar applications. Depending on the connector we choose, the currents they can handle range from 20 amps to 350 amps. Some, like the Powerpole series, are stackable with each other, being able to form connector blocks with a greater number of contacts, as many as desired.

They are available in different colors, and two connectors of the same type can be connected to each other even though they are of different color, but there is a recommendation to use certain colors according to the nominal voltage of the application:

• Yellow: 12V

• Orange: 18V

• Red: 24V

• Gray: 36V

• Blue: 48V

• Green: 72V

• Black: 80V

• Brown: 96V

• Violet: 120V

• White: 144V

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