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Supercapacitors with capacitance levels of one Farad or more are now becoming more common than we imagine.

These supercapacitors are generally used to replace a battery, for example in systems where it is necessary to continuously feed a memory to save data.

These capacitors are made with a thin electrolyte separator that is flanked with activated carbon ions.

They are too large to use in most circuits and their frequency response is very limited

The capacitance value of a supercapacitor is very high and is in the order of milli farads with voltage ranges from 2V to 5V.

Supercapacitors are classified into three types based on their electrode.

  • Double Layer Capacitors - These capacitors have carbon electrodes.
  • Pseudo capacitors: These capacitors have metal oxide.
  • Hybrid capacitors: these capacitors have asymmetric electrodes
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