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Rack Enclosures

An alternative to mount a device or box that has a standard width of 19 "inside a container is a closet, but there are also external boxes that are defined here as . They are open boxes, without a front cover, designed to house 1 or more teams that have a width of 19 ". This measurement is a standard in which the width is always 19". Although in reality there are other standardized widths, but they are used to a lesser extent and consequently in this section we are not going to discuss them.The specifications of a standard rack are found under the equivalent standards DIN 41494 part 1 and 7, UNE-20539 part 1 and part 2 and IEC 297 part 1 and 2, EIA 310-D. Whether the containers are cabinets, racks or envelopes, they also have standard holes where we can hold these boxes. The height of the boxes and / or subracks is also normalized in units or U. A rack unit or simply U is a unit of measure used to describe the height of the equipment ready to be mounted in a rack of 19 or 23 inches wide (48.26 cm or 58.42 cm). One rack unit equals 1.75 inches (4.445 cm) tall.

One U rack unit is typically written as 1U; likewise two drives is written 2U and so on. The height of a piece of equipment in a rack is often described as a U-number

They are generally not as large as cabinets and the front is free to handle or access the installed equipment or equipment. Its applications range from industrial uses, instrumentation and / or chemical laboratories, medical uses, in telecommunications, and military use among others.

Here you can find the best enclosures to protect your 19 "Boxes

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