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SAT Antennas and accessories

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The parabolic antenna is an antenna that has a parabolic reflector, the surface of which is a paraboloid of revolution.

The parabolic antennas can be transmitting, receiving or full duplex, that is, receiving and transmitting.

The parabola of satellite antennas reflects electromagnetic waves created by a radiating instrument located at the focus of the paraboloid. The emitted waves are spherical, but they are reflected in the parabola in a flat way.

The satellite finder or SAT finder is a satellite signal meter used to direct a satellite dish towards communication satellites in geostationary orbit.

These are made up of a sensitivity potentiometer and a s-meter, which saturates when pointing the antenna towards the satellite to later adjust the sensitivity to be able to align the antenna more precisely.

Lastly, it must be installed between the satellite receiver and the Low-Noise Block Down Converter (LNB) of the antenna.

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