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24 V Linear Actuator - 200 mm

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24 V Linear Actuator - 200 mm
24 V Linear Actuator - 200 mm
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  • The entire housing is sealed to provide protection against water vapor and dust: the manufacturer provides a degree of protection IP44
  • They use an endless screw to move the bar from one side to the other along its displacement.
  • The worm ensures that the shaft will be in its position even when it is not driven.
  • Two safety limit switches stop the Motor at both ends of its range, while the diodes allow the direction to reverse after reaching a limit point.
  • This product is part of a series of actuators of different length, in particular, this model has the piston with a stroke of 200 mm
  • For immediate testing of the Motor, simply connect a 24 V (max) power supply to the Motor connector.
  • Although these linear actuators come with a male point and stripe connector for direct connection to the controller or the power supply, you can cut the connector and use its own connection. Of course, by reversing the polarity of the Motor rotates in the reverse direction and consequently, the piston will move in the opposite direction.
  • You can use our manipulator for more convenient control (see related products)
  • You can use our power supply (see related products)
  • Temperature range: -25 º to 60 º C
  • Protection class: IP44
  • Power supply: 24 vdc
  • Stroke: 200 mm
  • Speed: 20 mm ± 2 mm / s
  • Internal microswitch
  • Maximum load: 1000 N (approx 100 Kg)
  • Maximum service life: 50,000 times
  • Connector: male point and stripe

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24 V Linear Actuator - 200 mm
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