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Ceramic Fuse - 5 x 20 mm - Slow Blow - 2 A - 250 V

Ref. FUCE5M202

Ceramic Fuse - 5 x 20 mm - Slow Blow - 2 A - 250 V
Ceramic Fuse - 5 x 20 mm - Slow Blow - 2 A - 250 V
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IEC127 - VDE - DIN - Fast blow ceramic fuse

This type of fuse is suitable for high Currents and interruption voltages

Ideal for high load Currents

Type M: medium delay time (medium time lag)

Nominal Current (In): 2 A

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Fuse (electrical)

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Ceramic Fuse - 5 x 20 mm - Slow Blow - 2 A - 250 V
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