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Ballpoint pen USB oscilloscopes …

The OWON RDS1021 oscilloscopes are available in two versions with or without optical isolation. The two models have the following common characteristics: - Bandwidth of 25MHz - 100MS / s sampling frequency - Record length 5K - FFT function - Human engineering design - The mode of action through creative Multi-trackball - Multi trigger option: Edge, slope, and pulse - 5mV micro signal supported - USB bus power - Easy portability, pocket accommodated The different versions also support different voltage magnitudes: * See complete file without isolating version: Max Input voltage: 50V (PK - PK) (DC + AC, PK - PK) * See complete file isolated version: Max Input voltage: 400V (PK - PK) (DC + AC, PK - PK)

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Ballpoint pen USB oscilloscopes
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