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Privacy and data protection policy

Data protection: Duty of information

  • Responsible:
    • Electrónica Embajadores, SL
    • More information Point 1
  • Purpose of the treatment:
    • Online sale of products related to electronics.
    • Customer billing
    • More information Point 2
  • Legitimation:
    • The acceptance of the privacy policy will imply the legitimation, of a contractual nature, of the acceptor, as buyer, and of Electricidad Embajadores SL, as supplier.
    • The legal basis for data processing has its origin in the Express consent given by the interested party that gives rise to a contractual relationship.
    • More information Point 3
  • Recipients:
    • The data of home orders will be provided to the courier company, for their due delivery at the indicated address by the client.
    • Does not exist forecast of assignments or realization of international data transfers, except legally foreseen obligation.
    • More information Point 4
  • Rights
    • Electrónica Embajadores, SL guarantees the right to the client of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, limitation and portability of your personal data.
    • More information Point 5

Point 1. Responsible for the treatment:

  • Electrónica Embajadores SL, with CIF B80082365, and domiciled in Madrid, Calle Embajadores, 138, 28045, will act as data controller, for the purposes provided in the General Regulation on Data Protection (2016/679). Since the person in charge does not have a permanent establishment outside the national territory, it is not necessary to designate a representative in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned regulations.
  • Electrónica Embajadores is a commercial entity with its own legal personality, duly registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, to volume 1365, Folio 142, Page M25469, 1st Inscription.
  • Likewise, Electrónica Embajadores SL does not apply the legal obligation to appoint a Data Protection Delegate.

Point 2. Purpose of the treatment:

  • The purposes of the processing of personal data of customers collected through this website are detailed below:
    • Online sale of products related to electronics, aimed at both the business and / or professional sector, as well as individuals.
    • Online order confirmation, with details of the item purchased and its purchase amount.
    • Preparation of invoices for purchases made and which will be sent to the customer after completing the purchase process.
    • Payment of products through gateways payment Paypal and bank Ibercaja SA.
  • The introduction and storage of personal data of the clients through the web will be carried out after registering the client. In this client registration process, the following information will be requested:
    • Username and password
    • E-mail
    • NIF
    • Name and Surname
    • Address
    • Town
    • Province
    • Postal Code
    • Telephone (Landline and / or mobile).
  • The customer's registration will be made in a unique way and will serve for their identification in future accesses and / or purchases on the website. Likewise, the registration can be made before or during the purchase process, once the desired products have been added to the cart, and this registration will be necessary (or the identification of the client if they already have a previous file) to be able to complete the purchase. • The personal data supplied will be kept by the person responsible for the treatment as long as the purchase is completed and the appropriate withdrawal periods have elapsed in favor of the client who owns the data. However, the person in charge reserves the right to keep the personal data entered by users in their respective registration records through the web during the period legally established in the tax and commercial regulations for the purposes of possible inspections or requirements by public bodies or the exercise of claims and / or legal actions.
  • Electrónica Embajadores SL does not carry out, through its computer system, logical processes of profile analysis in such a way that it may involve a constant monitoring of the personal data of its customers or a systematic observation of their purchasing or web browsing preferences

Point 3. Legitimation:

  • The collection of client data and its subsequent treatment responds to the express consent of the client and to the fulfillment of a legal obligation arising from the contractual relationship between the client and Electrónica Embajadores SL, through which the owner of the data proceeds to the purchase, through this website, of products offered by it, forcing the payment of the price of said products purchased.
  • The perfection of the contract implies the explicit need to supply the customer's personal data, through the which can identify the customer, deliver the requested product and proceed to the invoicing of the purchase made. Failure to provide the customer's personal data will make it impossible to complete the purchase process, without being required or deriving any responsibility from Electrónica Embajadores S.L. for this reason, given that the obligation to supply personal data falls exclusively on the interested party.

Point 4. Recipients:

  • Electrónica Embajadores will not transfer personal data of its clients to any third person, physical or legal, except for those that are imposed by a legal requirement, or are strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the treatment purposes. In this sense, and with the sole and exclusive purpose of making delivery to the customer's address of those orders that he / she makes online, through the website, the person responsible for the treatment will inform the company dedicated to the transport and courier service, the personal identification and contact data of the client, without this making available does not imply a transfer of data per se but, on the contrary, a necessary procedure for the conclusion and optimization of the purchase process that constitutes the end of the treatment.
  • Payment of the products purchased through the website can be made in three ways: Paypal, Ibercaja payment gateway (credit card) or bank transfer. In the first two cases, Electrónica Embajadores S.L. It will not intervene or have access to the client's personal banking information, as they are independent payment platforms, unrelated to Electrónica Embajadores S.L. and managed, exclusively, by Paypal and the bank Ibercaja SA, while in the bank transfer payment system no more data will be collected than is strictly necessary to understand the payment of the purchased products verified and proceed to the delivery of the requested merchandise, and which will not exceed of the name, surname, ordering account (duly minimized) and NIF.
  • Electrónica Embajadores SL will not carry out any international data transfer with the personal information collected from its clients.

Point 5. Rights:

  • The owner of the data will be, at all times, empowered to exercise his legitimate right of access to the personal data that appear about him in the databases of Electrónica Embajadores S.L .; request its rectification in case of being inaccurate or outdated; request the cancellation of the same when the treatment has become unnecessary, except for the legal rights of conservation for the established legal period that the person responsible for the treatment reserves; oppose the processing of his personal data; limit your treatment or request portability to another person responsible for the treatment, having to make a written communication to Electrónica Embajadores SL, Calle Embajadores, 138, 28045, MADRID, or send an e-mail to the following email address:, attaching in any of the cases a copy of your DNI, NIE, passport or any other document proving your identity.
  • Electrónica Embajadores SL will acknowledge receipt of your request for the exercise of rights and will proceed to respond to it within the deadlines established in Regulation 2016/679, using, if possible, the electronic means available to it.

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Privacy and data protection policy: Authorization, acceptance and consent
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