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EnerGenie EG-PMS2 - Smart, Programmable Power Strip with surge Protection - USB

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EnerGenie EG-PMS2 - Smart, Programmable Power Strip with surge Protection - USB
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Not only is it a network strip protected against surges, but it is a strip that allows you to program the different network sockets saving on your electricity bill and protecting the ecosystem

It is an advanced surge protector with management features of energy It is possible to change 4 network sockets individually or deactivate manually through your PC, by timer programming, or by special programmable events (for example: turn on the scanner every time I start Photoshop, or have my printer turned on only when really printing)

- Turn on or off plugs individually and manually from the computer

- Turn on or off plugs individually by a programmable timer program

- Turn on or off plugs individually whenever a certain software event occurs (for example, Windows / other start / stop software, start print queue and finish your work, etc)

The timers remain active even when the management PC shuts down


Software download: #URL: {}

Input voltage: 220 - 230 V ~ 50 - 60 Hz

Maximum load current: 10A

Maximum current consumed by the terminal strip through the USB port of the computer: 350mA

Maximum number of equal terminals connected to the same computer at the same time: there are no restrictions, only the maximum number of USB devices

Plug and Play

Hardware restrictions of the schedule:

Maximum number of independent hardware schedules: 16 pcs

Interval time between events: from 1 minute to 180 days

Timer accuracy: no more than 3 seconds of error per day

Operating temperature: +10 to +40 degrees Celsius

Dimensions: 460 x 140 x 65 mm

Net weight: no more than 1.3 kg


User manual

Data sheet

EC Declaration of Conformity

SPECIAL PRICE 42.52€ (For quantity order over 3 pìeces)

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