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VELLEMAN two legged allbot robot


VELLEMAN two legged allbot robot
VELLEMAN two legged allbot robot
VELLEMAN two legged allbot robot
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The ALLBOT® is a modular robot system with Arduino® compatible robot shields. Build and enhance the robot, learn how to program, use the app and have fun! Online manual available here: Get the Android app here: Get the iOS app here: New! Scratch programming for ALLBOT! Learn how to program your ALLBOT in an educational yet fun way with Scratch. Find out more here! Need some inspiration for your own ALLBOT creations? Check out these videos made by ALLBOT fans: Custom built ALLBOT, ALLBOT controlled by an ultrasonic and infrared sensor, ALLBOT tracks a wall with artificial intelligence Arduino (or Arduino compatible microcontroller) is required but not included!• all necessary plastic parts

  • 4 x 9G servo motors
  • a servo motor connector shield (VRSSM)
  • a battery shield (VRBS1)
  • includes different feet (microcontroler not incl.)
  • app for smartphone or tablet (Android® or iOS®) (optional VR001 transmitter required to use the app)
  • for a list of tested devices, please refer to:
  • online manual available here:
  • operatable with Arduino and other compatible devices (required but not included!)
  • servo motor connector shield (VRSSM):
    • compatible with Arduino UNO and Arduino MEGA (required but not included!)
    • Arduino UNO can drive max. 12 servo motors
    • Arduino MEGA can drive max. 36 servo motors
    • IR receiver
    • beeper
    • power indicator LEDs
  • battery shield (VRBS1):
    • power supply: 12 V booster for Arduino board (4 x AA batteries, alkaline or NiMH recommended but not incl.)
    • ON-OFF switch
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    VELLEMAN two legged allbot robot ("VR204", "VR204")
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