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Makeblock mBot-S Explorer Kit - Robotics Kit - P1050015


Makeblock mBot-S Explorer Kit - Robotics Kit - P1050015
Makeblock mBot-S Explorer Kit - Robotics Kit - P1050015
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New version 1.1

The Explorer Kit includes the S version of the mBot. In addition to the standard features already incorporated in the mBot, this new version includes an LED matrix, easily customizable through the programming of the LEDs that compose it. What is Mbot? Mbot is a solution designed to introduce children to the world of robotics and electronics based on Arduino Uno

The mechanical body of the Mbot is compatible with the Makeblock platform and most Lego parts, while the electronic components of the same are developed based on the open-source Arduino ecosystem. This ensures that the Mbot has infinite extensibility, using the mechanical parts and electronic modules you need to turn it into the "dreamed robot"

The robot is initially programmed so you can use it from the start with the infrared command (included), operate the follow-lines mode or the way to avoid obstacles, but you can also control it from the mobile App via bluetooth

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  • No you need wiring, thanks to its RJ25 connectors you can use your electronics in a simple way
  • Graphic programming environment based on Scratch 2.0
  • Compatible with Arduino
  • Available extension packs

New 1.1 version that introduces the following improvements:

  • Led matrix
  • Protective housing for the board
  • Longer buttons for use with or without the housing
  • Support for the lithium battery
  • New rotating wheel
  • Infrared remote control


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