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Makeblock Ultimate Robot 2.0 - 10 in 1 Kit - 90040


Makeblock Ultimate Robot 2.0 - 10 in 1 Kit - 90040
Makeblock Ultimate Robot 2.0 - 10 in 1 Kit - 90040
Makeblock Ultimate Robot 2.0 - 10 in 1 Kit - 90040
Makeblock Ultimate Robot 2.0 - 10 in 1 Kit - 90040
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Includes MegaPi board compatible with Arduino Mega and Raspberry

  • 10-in-1 programmable robot kit
    • The Ultimate 2.0 is an advanced programmable robot kit comprising more than 550 mechanical parts and electronic modules for 10 custom robots and many more maker projects. Compatible with the maker platform and Arduino, the kit lets your imagination take flight. The sky really is the only limit! Ideal for robot enthusiasts, build exciting projects with this kit and experience the joy of turning your ideas into reality.
  • Ultimate 2.0 has an impressive parts library; boasting more than 550 mechanical and electronic items, it provides a comprehensive range of features and includes everything you need for realizing your ideas. To give you a head start and allow you to learn the ropes of applied electronics and mechanical principles, 10 practical and interesting forms of construction are provided, including the Camera Dolly and Robotic Bartender. The possibilities for maker combinations is infinite, you can truly let your imagination loose.
  • Mainboard MegaPi with powerful drive capability:
    • Empowering creativity
    • Equipped with the powerful MegaPi main control board, Ultimate 2.0 makes the implementation of high-order functions a piece of cake. Think: synchronous drive and control of multiple Motors and servos, sensor reading, Raspberry Pi communication and connection to high-power encoder Motor driver boards. MegaPi has excellent motion control performance and is easily expanded, allowing you to build robots capable of carrying out complex functions like 3D printing, or even more difficult applications. With it, the door to the world of Making stands wide open for you
  • 6061 aluminum and anodized extrusion parts
  • Includes electronics
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